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DGS Asset Property Trading

Investing in property


  • We provide a swift, fast service to buy your home directly or through trusted investors. 

  • We will consider any condition - Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

  • ​Selling a home can take a long time using a traditional estate agent, with expensive!

Off-market buy-to-let property deals.

  • BRRR (Buy, Refurb, Re-finance, Rent out)

  • Flip - Buy, Refurb, Sell.

  • BTL (Buy to Let) - Rent out a property

Property Sourcing & Deal Packaging.

  • Property Sourcing - We find the deal and hand it over to you for a fee.

  • Deal Packing - We find the deal and project manage the end to end process for a fee.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

  • Property sourcing & Deal Packaging.

  • BRRR (Buy, Refurb, Re-finance, Rent out)

  • Flip - Buy, Refurb, Sell.

DGS Asset Property Trading are cash buyers, one of the fastest way to complete the sale of your property.

Alternative solution, if you want to stop repossession of your house, or are selling a house after divorce.

Services Provided by our Trusted Partners.

  • Rent to Rent (R2R).

  •  Service Accommodation (SA).

  •  Commercial, or Commercial to Residential.

  • ​Off Market Plans/New Development

We find the right buyers for our clients, the right investments for our clients through our tailor-made services.

We have trusted partners specialising in other investment strategies, such as:

  • Rent to Rent.

  • Service Accommodation

  • Commercial

  • Commercial to Residential

  • Off Market Plans/New Development.

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